Knoxville Senior Citizen Calls Police Because She Has No Food To Eat

A 78-year-old woman from North Knoxville, Tennessee, had no one else to turn to on Tuesday night when she was hungry and found herself without any food in her house, so she called the police. 

Knoxville police officers say they responded to a call from the senior citizen, who seemed either confused or distressed, and found that she was starving and had no food in her house, reports WATE.

“They looked in her kitchen and the only thing they found, the only food she had in her entire house was a half-eaten jar of peanut butter,” said KPD spokesperson Darrell DeBusk. “She told the officers that she had been rationing the peanut butter since about February 16.”

The woman told cops she didn't want to be a burden and had waited for a long time for assistance that never came.

Cops reportedly responded to her immediate need by buying her groceries at a local shop and ready-to-eat meals from Knoxville Area Rescue Mission. They were also able to secure help from the Knox County Community Action Committee and Knoxville Seniors to assign a case manager to the woman. 

Police are using this example to urge others to check in on their neighbors, particularly older people who may have a difficult time getting out in the cold weather. 

The following phone number has been provided for Knoxville citizens in need of food: 865-524-2786.

Source: WATE/Photo Credit: Robert Benner/Flickr 


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