Knox County Sheriff’s Office Release Video Of Accidental Shooting By Officer (Video)


The Knox County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) has released a surveillance video of the officer who accidentally discharged his weapon, injuring three fellow officers at the Detention Center in East Knox County, Tenn., on Friday night.

According to KCSO, Officer James Blankenship, 39, accidentally fired his weapon around 10:30 p.m. The bullet hit the pavement, causing shrapnel to hit three security officers, WVLT reported.

Officer Marty Cruze was taken to UT Medical Center, where he was treated for a minor leg wound. He was released. The other two officers, Patrick York and Kevin Potter, were treated at the Detention Facility Medical Unity for minor injuries.

Blankenship was also taken to UT Medical Center to be treated and released for chest pain.

The Sheriff’s Office says initial investigation reveals Blankenship is at fault. He resigned Monday morning, citing personal reasons in a letter to Sheriff J.J. Jones, reports.

According to the KCSO website, Blankenship received a written disciplinary notice from a supervisor in August of 2005 for leaving his gun, two magazines, a knife and cell phone in a jail gun locker that was unlocked.

The case is still being investigated by the Office of Professional Standards and the Major Crimes Unit.

Blankenship can be seen in the video on the far right of the screen. The Tennessee Highway Patrol car was dropping off a prisoner and was not involved in the incident.

Watch the video below:


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