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'Knockout' Victim Ashley Depew Undergoes Facial Reconstructive Surgery (Video)

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St. Louis woman Ashley Depew was forced to have reconstructive facial surgery after becoming yet another victim of the “knockout” game.

Depew was picking up a friend outside of The Trophy Room when she was attacked and punched in the face. Her case went viral when she posted a picture of her injured eye to Facebook.

Brigette Ulmer-Loynd, Depew’s dance teacher, posted a warning to Facebook asking that no one fall victim to the game.

“These groups of teenagers will punch out anybody, then scatter to run,” Ulmer-Loynd wrote. “Please don’t be a victim and always be aware of your surroundings!”

The knockout game has been a problem in St. Louis since 2011, and his since become an epidemic across the nation. Just last week St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay arrived at a bloody knockout scene, where one teenager revealed he had participated in 300 knockout games.

Last week, Bill O’Reilly suggested that the attacks may be racially motivated, noting that the majority of them are carried out by young black men.

“They’re sold a bill of goods by the civil rights people that white society is the fault,” O’Reilly said. “Because you’re unhappy, it’s the whites doing it to you and so they’re whacking whites!”

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