Knife Lodged In Chinese Man’s Head After It Falls From Apartment Building (Graphic Photo)

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A Chinese man was out for a walk when a knife dropped from a high-rise apartment building and into his head.

Xiao Yunzhi, 57, was taking a stroll in his home town of Guangyuan, Sichuan province, when his head started feeling oddly heavy, The Telegraph reports.

But he didn’t realize it was a knife until a local tobacconist, staring in shock, pointed to the top of Yunzhi’s head. The knife had fallen from the eighth-floor balcony of a building, becoming lodged in the left side of the man’s head, but without piercing his skull.

"It was terrifying to see," Yunzhi’s sister told the newspaper. "The knife handle was sticking out of the top.”

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The knife was later removed at a local hospital, where he remains in intensive care. Police said the knife had been blown off the ledge by wind.

“It hurt a lot,” Yunzhi told NBC News from his hospital bed. “I cried out, ‘My head! My head hurts!’ But I did not know what had happened.”

His sister said the owner of the knife, a man identified as Mr. Wu, came to visit her brother in the hospital and has “paid some of his medical bills.”

Sources: The Telegraph, News


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