Klaus Andres, 70, Murders Wife Li Ping Cao Because She Was 'Bad In Bed' And Couldn’t Cook


A 70-year-old man in Australia is on trial for the murder of his 42-year-old wife. Why'd he do it? Because she was a bad cook and “boring in bed.”

Klaus Andres admitted to police that he dissolved his wife, Li Ping Cao’s body in a bin full of acid, according to the Inquisitr.

Andres, who was married to his wife for five years, was having an affair with another woman, 35-year-old Saranrat Kongrat. He is accused of murdering his wife at their home in Brinsmead, a Cairns suburb in 2011.

The husband pleaded guilty to killing his wife, but says he accidentally pushed her to the floor after she stabbed him in the hand with a fork.

Several neighbors testified they heard an argument between the couple just minutes before the murder.

After he killed her, Andres bought acid in order to dispose of his dead wife’s body, according to court documents.

John Gunner, a man who met Andres in 2011, testified in the Supreme Court that Andres told him that his wife was boring in bed in comparison to his mistress.

“[He said] Li Ping would just lie there and he would climb on top of her.”

Andres met his mistress, Saranrat Kongrat, 35, from Thailand, at a Cairns casino in 2011.

Kongrat testified that she and Andres began a sexual relationship before she returned to Thailand on September 4, 2011.

She said she didn’t know Andres was married nor did she tell him she was married because she could speak very little English.

Andres told Kongrat’s brother, Uthai Ratsu, who lives near Cairns, that he was already married but wanted to divorce his wife to marry Kongrat.

Ratsu also said Andres told him he planned to make his wife “uncomfortable” in the couple’s home.

Wednesday marked the third day of the two-week trial.

Sources: Queensland Police, Insiquitr, News AU


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