KKK Tries to Recruit Members in Black Neighborhood (Video)


A Ku Klux Klan (KKK) group tried to recruit new members on Monday from a predominately black neighborhood in New Smyrna Beach, Fla.

The KKK organization, from North Carolina, placed hundreds flyers throughout the neighborhood that read “Our Race Is Our Nation” and included a drawing of a klansman.

“We don’t have no way of judging where we’re putting the fliers at,” KKK leader Robert Jones told WFTV (video below).

Jones admitted his group had not recruited any new members in New Smyrna Beach.

The flyers are not welcome, according to New Smyrna Beach resident Ericka Blount.

“Stay away from our neighborhood,” said Blount. “We live together here. All different races.”

Resident Tim Washington added, "[I] saw that it was a piece of paper on the ground and it had hate stuff on it. I think it's shallow, this day and age."

Pastor Lorenzo Laws claims the offensive flyers were left at homes across the street from his Allen Chapel AME Church.

"I am absolutely and totally offended that someone at a time like this would come into this community and distribute this type of literature," Pastor Laws told My Fox Orlando.

Sources: WFTV and My Fox Orlando


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