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KKK Robes Allowed in Class Lesson, Teacher Not Punished

Students at a school in Las Vegas wore KKK robes in class to present during a U.S. History lesson. Several parents have complained about the incident but the teacher was only given a "reminder" of school policy by administrators. 

The incident occurred at Las Vegas Academy, which is a performing arts magnet school. Many students took pictures of the KKK robes and posted them on social media outlets. Soon, parents discovered the pictures and were outraged.

According to Principal Scott Walker, the incident was "unfortunate."

"While the presentation was designed to highlight the atrocities committed by the Klan, and there was no intention to harm or offend o the part of the students, it was in poor judgment and inappropriate for students to go to such lengths to convey their message…we are deeply sorry for the offensive incident and appreciate your support and cooperation as we use these events as teachable moments about cultural and historical understanding."

Though the school regrets the incident, they are not going to punish the teacher. Spokesperson Amanda Fulkerson said the teacher was "reminded of policy."

"The student in this case has been counseled and the teacher has been reminded of the policy in place to notify the principal of potentially controversial lessons…we expect the attention to this event will remind all teachers the policy exists only to protect them," Fulkerson explained. 

This isn't the first time the school has found itself in the center of controversy. Last year, students said the N-word during a production of Huckleberry Finn, and another incident included a student dressing up as Adolph Hitler. 


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