KKK Leader Who Used Crossbow To Kill Teen Denied Parole Again


In 1993, former Ku Klux Klan leader Russell Hinson was convicted of using a razor-tipped arrow in a crossbow to kill 16-year-old Felicia Houston, who was visiting family in Munroe, North Carolina. 

Although his all-white jury was deadlocked over whether or not he should receive the death penalty, he was eventually sentenced to life in prison. For the second time, Hinson has been denied parole. “The interest of justice has been served,” Union County District Attorney Trey Robison told The Charlotte Observer.

At the time of the murder, Hinson was seeking revenge for being ripped off by a black drug dealer, who had no relation to his victim other than race, RawStory reported. Hinson told a friend “I’m going to shoot a n----- through the heart.”

Hinson, now 56, says he’s no longer racist against African-Americans and that he has found God, but his ex-stepson who lived with him at the time of the murder, Walter Broome, doesn’t buy it.

“He’s a monster and deserves to spend the rest of life in jail,” Broome said. “Once you have hate in your bloodstream, you have hate forever.”

Felicia’s father, Eugene Houston, was similarly relieved. “I think it’s good, you know, because he done the crime,” he said. “He ought to serve it.”

Even if Hinson is paroled in three years, when he’s eligible again for review, he would have to spend five years in federal prison for a 1989 conviction of a felony civil rights intimidation charge.

Sources: The Charlotte Observer, Raw Story / Photo credit: The Charlotte Observer

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