Report: Protestors Threw Urine At Each Other Near RNC


Several groups have reportedly been involved in skirmishes outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, including at least one report of group members throwing urine at people from other groups.

Hundreds of protestors demonstrated in Cleveland's Public Square on July 19, including members of groups like the Westboro Baptist Church and the Ku Klux Klan, who clashed with police and activists from Black Lives Matter in a chaotic scene, KPLC reports. Police broke up skirmishes among the various factions of demonstrators in the square, and tried to keep the groups separated.

A police spokeswoman said that law enforcement had to step in to keep the peace, reports Fox Nation. Demonstrators from different groups also reportedly threw urine at each other.

Along with the larger groups, smaller groups, as well as individuals, also demonstrated during the events in the square, says The USA Bulletin. A man with a sign reading "Jesus Vapes," a man carrying an assault rifle and wearing a shirt that read "Cuck Hunt" in parody of the video game "Duck Hunt," and the West Ohio Minutemen, who describe themselves as a constitutional militia group -- and many others -- were seen demonstrating during the day's events.

Radio host Alex Jones is reported to have been walking through the crowd with a bullhorn.

A group called Stand Together Against Trump had obtained a permit for 5,000 people to march in the afternoon, but no protestors from the group arrived. Instead, 15 journalists, 17 preachers, and a number of police officers appeared. The group later said via email that it would be handing out water in the square.

Police said protests the day earlier had been peaceful, though Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said that officers had confiscated a small knife, a slingshot, and gas masks.

Three people have also been charged with criminal mischief for climbing flagpoles outside of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum on the convention's second day, the New York Post reports. The group reportedly climbed the flagpoles to hang an anti-Donald Trump banner.

In a statement, the Hall of Fame reaffirmed the museum's status as an "icon of free speech," but discouraged "illegal actions that stress our first responders."

Sources: Fox Nation, KPLC, New York Post, The USA Bulletin / Photo credit: Mal3k/Flickr

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