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'It's Not Racist To Love Your People': White Pride Billboard Sparks Controversy

A new billboard placed along Highway 65 in Arkansas has caused controversy because of its racist message that endorses “White Pride Radio.”

The Knights Club has reportedly sponsored a billboard that says, “It’s not racist to love your people,” reports the New York Daily News, and residents are divided over whether the message is dangerous.

Harrison Mayor Jeff Crockett says he believes the billboard, which is located in his town, isn’t the kind of publicity his area needs. “I would hope more people would stand up and say this isn’t us,” Crockett said. “We’re not all about this.”

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But Thomas Robb, the director of The Knights Club, strongly disagrees. “The message is white people have the right to be proud of who they are,” Robb said. “Everybody else has a right to be proud and I don’t deny that.”

The billboard, which features a young Caucasian girl holding a puppy, also includes a link to White Pride Radio’s website, reports Newsmax.

The station reportedly runs programs that are “free of race mixing themes and the exploits of homosexuals – the kind of entertainment that is popular on television today.”

Crockett insists that many of its residents do not approve of the message.

“The reflection comes back on Harrison and if we just keep quiet and let him do the speaking, it looks like we’re all like that and we’re not, “Crockett said. “Harrison is not like that at all.”

Sources: New York Daily News, Newsmax/Photo Credit: New York Daily News, Huffington Post


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