Kitten Rescued From Recycling Center Finds A New Home


Dec. 15 might have been a newborn kitten’s last day on earth but Tony Miranda, a Cal- Waste Loader Operator at a recycling facility in Galt, California, rescued the kitten as it was headed towards a trash compactor. 

“It was just surrounded by a bunch of debris and material," Miranda told KTVU. "I mean, it was hard to see it, but I spotted it really quick."

In a separate interview, Miranda told KCRA: “I pretty much just found it between all the debris and bags and just everything.

“I just grabbed it and immediately reported it to the line supervisor.”

The kitten had already had a rough journey to the plant -- he likely endured riding in a garbage truck, getting pushed by a tractor and falling onto several conveyor belts.

“Over the radio, I heard them say that they found a live cat, and I was curious cause, I mean that’s just amazing, but, I wanted to see it,” Heather Garcia, the plant's shift lead, told 

Garcia fell in love with the kitten and decided to adopt it.

“It’s just so cute, I mean why wouldn’t you take it home,” she said.

Garcia has dubbed the kitten Murphy in honor of the facility, which is commonly known as “The Murph.”

Sources: KTVU, KCRA / Photo Credit: Tom Miller/KCRA, KTVU

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