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Kitten Harvey Learns to Walk Despite Being Born with Missing Leg Bones

A condition called radial agenesis led to a kitten named Harvey being born without the bones that should connect the upper half of his front legs to his paws. No matter for the brave little guy - he’s just doing the next best thing and walking on his elbows, according to The Daily Mail.

The four-month-old kitten was rescued after a good Samaritan saw him listed for sale on a website. In the advertisement, Harvey was being described as having two broken legs. The woman who came to his aid turned the young cat into the Cats Protection agency in Glasgow, Scotland after realizing that the amount of care he would require was too much for her.

The charity is doing all it can for Harvey and has already found him a foster home as well as raised enough money for him to receive an operation that will correct his condition once he reaches six months of age. The surgery will implant pins in the space between Harvey’s paws and upper leg bones where his lower leg bones failed to grow.

Harvey’s new foster “mother” Liz McCulloch has never seen a cat quite like Harvey in her 25 years of taking care of felines. “He's a lovely little thing,” she says. “Because Harvey was born that way he doesn't know there's anything wrong with him so he runs around on his elbows and happily plays with my other cat and dog.”

Although Harvey is doing fine now, McCulloch looks forward to when the bones he does have harden enough to allow the pin-insertion operation. “He's OK at the moment but if he doesn't get the operation he'll start to damage his spine when he gets bigger,” she said.

(photo via The Daily Mail)


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