Kisuk Cha Sues Hooters Restaurant for Racist Insult on Receipt

Kisuk Cha is suing the Hooters restaurant chain for $150,000 after finding an anti-Asian slur on his receipt (video below).

Cha, an immigrant from Korea who is now an American citizen, said he and his girlfriend were called “chinx” on the receipts for their takeout order in July at a Hooters in New York City, reports WCBS-TV.

The unnamed Hooters employee who allegedly took Cha's order used another employee’s identification, but resigned after it was traced back to her.

Cha told the NY Daily News that when the Hooters' employees were preparing his food, he noticed the hostesses giggling and he found out why when he looked at his receipt.

Hooters attorney, Edward McCabe told WCBS-TV: “She made a mistake, she was insensitive. For that, the company does not bear responsibility.”

Claudia Levitas, General Counsel for Hooters of America said in a statement: 'We believe this incident to be isolated, and is in no way indicative of the brand as a whole. We are disappointed to hear of this incident.'

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