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"Kiss My *ss" Letter from Alabama Attorney General Bill Baxley to KKK a Hit on Web

A 1976 letter from Alabama Attorney General Bill Baxley to Ku Klux Klan leader Edward R. Fields went viral on the Web this week.

In 1970, Baxley reopened the case of the 16th Street Church bombing, which killed four black girls in 1963, reports

In response, Baxley received a threatening letter in 1976 from Edward R. Fields, founder of the 'National States' Rights Party' and 'Grand Dragon of the New Order Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.'

Baxley responded to Fields in a letter that said: "Dear 'Dr.' Fields, my response to your letter of February 19, 1976, is -- kiss my ass."

Robert Chambliss, a member of the United Klans of America, was eventually found guilty of the 1963 murders in 1977.

Baxley, who is now an attorney in Birmingham, told Hoover Gazette in 2007: “I was aware there was danger out there. But I was young, you feel invincible, and I knew I was doing right.”


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