Kindergartner Boards Wrong School Bus, Spends Whole Day at Wrong School


A kindergarten student in an upstate New York school accidentally boarded the wrong school bus on Wednesday morning and spent the entire day at the wrong school. Officials report that she even “answered to another student’s name.”

Janeya Evans, 5, was supposed to go to Howe Elementary School; instead, she boarded the wrong bus, which was being driven by a substitute driver that day, and ended up at Yates Elementary School, 2.2 miles away.

Teachers at Yates were expecting a new student that morning; when Janeya arrived, teachers asked her if she was that student. Janeya confirmed that she was, and spent the rest of the day answering to the first-grade student’s name, who, coincidentally, didn’t show up for school that day.

It wasn’t until Janeya didn’t get off the school bus in the afternoon that Janeya’s mother, Patricia Rodriguez, realized something was amiss. When Rodriguez called the school, she was informed that her daughter hadn’t been in school “all day.”

School officials located the young girl a short time later. The district has said that it is now re-examining its bus and new student procedures.

“The confusion could have been avoided at the start of the day when the student boarded the wrong bus, which was driven by a substitute driver,” the district said.

The school district has said that the child’s behavior was “misleading.”

“While the student did impersonate another student, which didn’t raise any red flags, the situation has brought to light some other serious issues that need to be addressed on our end,” the school district said in a statement.

The district has said that throughout the day, Janeya wrote the other student’s name on some of her papers. At home, however, it was revealed that other papers had Janeya’s name on them.

“She’s a kindergartner. The other child is a first grader,” Rodriguez said of one obvious hint that should have alerted the school to the problem.

Rodriguez may take legal action.


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