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Kindergartener Jonah Stone Suspended For Bringing Toy Gun To School

A Massachusetts kindergartener was suspended after bringing a toy gun to school on Wednesday.

Jonah Stone, 5, said he brought the toy gun in his jacket pocket and took it out to show a friend, which was when he was sent to the principal’s office.

Jonah’s mother, Christina Stone, was shocked to find out once she arrived at the school that her son was punished with a half-day suspension.

“So I went to the school, and when I got there they had said that he had a toy gun with him and that he was being suspended,” she said. “I’m pretty shocked because he’s a kindergartner and he wasn’t being mean. He wasn’t trying to hurt people, he wasn’t trying to scare anyone. He wasn’t pulling the trigger.”

Officials at Hopkinton School, where the incident occurred, did not comment about the incident but explained that they are being extra precautionary, citing the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December as a reason for why they could never be too careful.

Superintendent Dr. Steven Hiersche was asked if a kindergartener could be punished for bringing a toy gun to school and replied, “I think the reality is, particularly when you’re talking about young kids, it’s handled on a case-by-case basis.”

Stone was also upset because, while she was in the principal’s office with her son, the Connecticut shooting came up, which forced Stone to explain to Jonah what had happened - knowledge she had purposely been keeping from him.

“My heart really, really breaks for Sandy Hook,” she said, “and it’s different for every incident. Let’s face it, it’s been going on for years. But I don’t want my child to have to be having that put in his face. Because that age group doesn't hear about this type of thing, they don't understand that this is going to scare people.”

According to WHDH News, the other parents at the school had “mixed feelings” about his punishment. Yet, to be perfectly honest, a half-day suspension is barely a reason to throw a fit over such a serious safety issue, especially given recent incidents of kids Jonah’s age bringing actual loaded guns to school. A 7-year-old, for example, was caught bringing a loaded gun to school in Queens, NY, in January of this year.

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