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Kindergartner Deemed Too Young For Class Is Kicked Out Of School

Amina Durham started kindergarten at Maude Trevvett Elementary school in Henrico County, Virginia, in September, but she was kicked out on Oct. 5.

Despite allowing the 4-year-old to attend school for several weeks, staff recently realized that she missed the age cut off by one month -- meaning she will have to go back to kindergarten in a year.

“She’s been in school for a month now,” Andre Durham, Amina’s father, told a local news station. "Couldn’t someone have picked up on this earlier, before she gets all into the routine? They said, 'Sorry, they looked past the mistake and there’s nothing we can do.'"

Tiffany Wallace, Amina’s mother, was also unhappy about the decision. “I’m just really upset, disappointed,” she said. “My daughter is just happy going to school. I feel like it just discourages her. She wakes up this morning and is like, ‘Mommy, why am I not going to school?’”

Amina’s parents tried to move her to the school’s preschool program, but they were told there’s no room for more students. The school district declined to comment.

Sources: WAVY, WRIC / Photo credit: WRIC


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