Teacher Who Was Recorded Manhandling A Child Sentenced


The former Hoboken, New Jersey, Apple Montessori teacher who was caught on cell phone video manhandling a 2-year-old female student last year has been sentenced to 120 days in jail.

Kelli Dugan, 31, pleaded guilty to second-degree child endangerment charges, NBC Chicago reported.

The video was used as evidence in the case as it shows Dugan holding the toddler by her legs, yelling at the child, and then violently swinging her over a fence.

Dugan admitted in court that she held the child upside down, put her hands around her neck, and dragged the girl by her arms.

The 120-day sentence was made as part of a plea deal with Hudson County prosecutors. Upon her release from jail, Dugan will be on probation.

Dugan was fired from the Apple Montessori school in Hoboken after the video went public, as were other school officials.

Another teacher at the school that was caught on camera shoving a 2-year-old down after trying to put on the child’s hat was cleared of criminal charges, according to WABC.

"The director and assistant director of the location, who had possession of the video on June 4, 2015, have been terminated for their mishandling of this incredibly serious situation,” a statement issued by the school last year said, as reported by WABC. "A teacher and a second teacher's aide that were present for the incident have also been terminated."

The parents of the two children have filed a lawsuit against Apple Montessori schools and several employees for negligence, emotional damage, breach of contract, assault and other charges. They are seeking unspecified damages, reported NBC Chicago.

Sources: NBC Chicago, WABC / Photo credit: The Daily Mail

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