Kindergarten Teacher Wendy Killian Donates Kidney to Student


A little girl from Ohio received the gift of a lifetime after her kindergarten teacher donated her kidney to her.

Nicole, 8, was only born with one kidney and has suffered from illnesses related to it. A disorder caused her only kidney to malfunction, which left her weak. She missed many days of school as she waited to find a suitable donor.

That was when her old teacher, Wendy Killian, came forward. She said she wanted to be tested for compatibility. 

Nicole's parents, Brian and Letitia, allowed her to be tested, and were surprised to find that she was a match.

Because Nicole was already taking the maximum dosage of her medication, and her blood pressure was high, it was critical they find a donor in a short amount of time. They were losing hope after 18 potential donors, including her parents, were ruled unsuitable.

But with Killian's positive results, their hope was revived. 

Early last week, Nicole and Killian underwent surgery to donate the kidney. Everything went smoothly, and Nicole is recovering well.

Killian said she was inspired to donate her kidney because her own son suffered from an illness as an infant. She donated blood platelets to her son, which saved his life. 

Nicole's father wrote in his blog, "her kidney functions have just continued to improve and she is rockin."

He also posted a text from Killian, which read, "I am humbled and blessed to be a part of this miracle. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat after seeing her [Nicole] yesterday. God is so good."

Though she has a long road of recovery ahead of her, she is expected to adapt smoothly to her new organ. She has already named it "Sid."

Sources: Inquisitr, ENSTARS


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