Kindergarten Teacher, School Nurse Arrested for Trying to Hire Hit Man

Investigators continue to learn more about how a Virginia schoolteacher and school nurse planned to hire a professional hit man to kill the teacher’s ex-husband.

Angela Nolen and Cathy Bennett are each accused of plotting to kill Nolen's ex-husband. According to the Virginia Commonwealth's Attorney and the official arrest warrants, Nolen provided Bennett with a note and detailed instructions. Bennett gave that note to a third party, who decided they wanted nothing to do with the plan. The third party then alerted police, setting off a series of events leading to the pair’s arrest.

Investigators say Nolen allegedly paid a person, who she believed to be a hit man, approximately $4,000 to kill her ex-husband. Nolen then agreed to pay the hit man an additional $4,000 after her ex-husband was dead, according to investigators.

Nolen’s ex-husband, Paul Strickler, was the target of the alleged murder-for-hire plot. According to investigators, Nolen originally met with the man she believed to be a hit man on Tuesday, and then paid him the initial $4,000 installment to kill her ex-husband. Unbeknownst to Nolen, the hit man was actually an undercover agent.

Nolen and Bennett were both arrested on Wednesday for felony charges involving solicitation to commit murder. Nolen was a kindergarten teacher and Bennett was a school nurse at Franklin County’s Sontag Elementary School.

Nolan was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday morning, but her hearing was postponed. Bennett’s bond hearing was held Thursday morning, however. The bond was set at $60,000 with several restrictions included. She will not be allowed to have any contact with the victim or with any employees of the elementary school.

Franklin County Commonwealth's Attorney says the state was hoping the judge would set a higher bond for Bennett.

"I was hoping it would be a little larger,” Franklin County Commonwealth’s Attorney Tim Allen said in a statement. "I’m just real concerned with the community at large and the position that she was in. That's difficult for us sometimes to let people out when they might be a danger to the community."

Allen filed an appeal with the circuit court earlier on Thursday. Due to that appeal, Bennett will receive a new bond hearing on Friday. It is expected that Bennett’s bond will be set higher than her co-defendant’s.

Source: Daily Mail


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