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Kindergarten Teacher Finds Two Students Naked In The Bathroom, Reports It To The Principal, and Could Now Lose Her Job

A New Jersey kindergarten teacher could be fired from her job after discovering two of her young students naked in the bathroom together and immediately reporting it to the principal. Now, fellow teachers and residents in Mullica Township are trying to stop that from happening.

On September 30 of last year, Kelly Mascio, a teacher of 15 years at the Mullica Township school, discovered two 5-year-old students, a boy and a girl, in the bathroom naked together, announcing that they were “having sex.” Mascio followed protocol and immediately reported it to the principal.

Following the incident, Mascio was suspended without pay, and now, Superintendent Brenda Harring-Marro announced that she has filed tenure charges against the teacher, despite the fact that a police investigation early on said that there was no wrongdoing.

“Our main concern is that the administration has completely forgone all traditional disciplinary avenues available in handling the incident,” said Barbara Rheault, Mullica Township Education Association President. “The administration has selected a disciplinary route that has resulted in enormous emotional and professional turmoil, and has strained the confidence and trust of school staff, parents and community members.”

Parents and fellow teachers are outraged that Mascio has been fired and say that she was doing exactly what she thought was the right thing to do. The board of education recently met to decide whether or not they could fire Mascio, and amazingly, around 200 allies showed up to throw their support behind Mascio.

Social media also blew up after The Press of Atlantic City first reported the story.

“Did I miss something?” asked one Facebook user. “She finds a naked girl and boy in the bathroom who say they are having sex, she tells the principal and now she may lose her job???? What part am I misunderstanding because that makes no sense.”

Other users on Facebook questioned why the parents of the children weren’t being investigated.

“Geez. I wonder what these parents are letting their children see at home,” said one commenter. “Also could be a sign of sexual abuse. Poor teacher.”

Mascio hasn’t commented on the incident and there have been no updates as to whether or not she will actually be fired.


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