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Store Worker Praised For Helping Blind, Autistic Child

A store worker from the U.K. has won widespread praise online for reportedly helping a blind, autistic child after she had a "meltdown."

Amanda Wilkins was shopping with her two children when the employee, who was later identified as Lin, stepped in to help, Daily Mail reported.

"I would like to say a massive thank you to the lady in the photo (sorry didn't see her name) who helped me today at Morrisons in Basingstoke," she wrote in her Facebook post, which has since gone viral.

"I have two children that are both registered blind and are also autistic. As you can imagine shopping is not an easy thing for me to do, at the checkout both girls decided to go into meltdown and this very kind lady decided to help instead of judge.

"It doesn't happen very often! She distracted my daughter by letting her scan all my shopping. A dream come true for Holly who loves playing ‘shops'."

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Many of those who read Wilkinson’s story urged the store to give Lin a reward.

“It melts my heart to come across people that are prepared to go the extra mile, and little acts of kindness makes a massive difference to my world," Wilkinson wrote. "I hope this gets back to her and she knows how much we appreciate it."

The store worker appears to be well known in the local area for her acts of kindness.

“ ... [O]ur daughter adores her, Lin has always made such a fuss over our little girl Bella and even let Bella sit in her fab car when we spotted her leaving work one day, [M]orrisons are very lucky to have a such a lovely lady working there,” one Facebook user wrote, according to Daily Mail.

When Morrisons heard about the incident, store manager Simon Nellis gave Lin a bouquet of flowers and a check.

“Reading to Lin why she was receiving flowers and a gift was really hard as I was getting genuinely choked up,” he wrote on Facebook.

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The company also said Lin would be added to its “wall of fame,” according to Metro.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro / Photo Credit: Amanda Wilkins/Facebook, Morrisons/Facebook via Daily Mail

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