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Kim Richards Sends Her Pit Bull for Training After 5 Attacks on Humans

After 5 reported attacks on humans, Kim Richards has finally realized that her pit bull, Kingsley, has aggression issues that can’t be resolved by love alone. Undoubtedly, no dog has ever been more treasured as a companion, but Kingsley’s recent attack on Alexia Umansky, daughter of Kyle Richards and Kim’s niece, has finally forced reality upon "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star.

The decision to send her dog away didn't come easily, despite a total of five reported incidents where Kingsley attacked humans and a number of documented instances of Kingsley being violent with other dogs, according to Perez Hilton.

After Kyle confirmed that her daughter had been bitten and is having surgery,  Kim Richards said in a statement received by the New York Post, "At this point I am looking into options to what the next step is for Kingsley."

Obviously heartbroken, Kim told TMZ on Saturday that Kingsley has been removed temporarily from her home but with the assurance, "He's in a good place. He's safe and with a trainer."

Richards made no indication that she is considering putting Kingsley down, according to People.

"This is a very difficult decision and time for all of us," Richards said recently, "but the safety of my family always comes first.”

Sources: People, Perez Hilton


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