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Kim Nguyen, Business Student, Ejected From Moving Cop Car, Breaks Jaw, Sues L.A. Police

A video released by attorneys shows that a handcuffed 28-year-old woman somehow fell from a Los Angeles Police Department patrol car in March, suffering a broken jaw and bleeding on her brain.

Kim Nguyen, a graduate business student at Loyola Marymount University, has filed a lawsuit against the police. She said she does not recall falling out of the car, but would not have and could not have opened the door herself because she was handcuffed.

On March 17, after a night of drinking, Nguyen and two friends were waiting outside a Koreatown restaurant to be picked up by a friend who was not drinking and capable of driving safely. Before the friend arrived, a police cruiser with two officers stopped near them.

The officers briefly questioned them, left, then circled back and arrested Nguyen as she crossed the street to go into a late night café, accusing her of public drunkenness.

What happened next was caught on surveillance cameras placed near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Olympic Boulevard. The police car drove around the corner then stopped. Officers got out and the video then shows Nguyen lying motionless on the street.

From the surveillance image, it is not clear how or when Nguyen was ejected from the police cruiser.

The picture at right is a video capture of the business student lying on the street after her ejection from the cop car. The full video is below.

A paramedics report said the police car was traveling at about 10 mph at the time, but the video appears to show it traveling at a higher rate of speed.

The Los Angeles Times identified David Shin and Jin Oh as the officers in the patrol car, but neither returned the paper’s requests for comment.

Nguyen lost several teeth in the accident and required three surgeries on her jaw, her attorney told the Times.

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