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Kim Kardashian: My Kid Would Be Better Than Trump

Kim Kardashian: My Kid Would Be Better Than Trump Promo Image

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West has opened up about her feelings toward President Donald Trump, stating that "anyone can run the U.S. better."

The remarks came during a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar Arabia, the September issue of which features Kardashian West on its cover.

"Sometimes I feel like I want to speak out more about political issues," Kardashian West said, according to E! News. "You have to be really careful about what you say, because a lot of things can be taken in the wrong context and I always want to be respectful. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings."

Asked for her take on Trump, the reality star didn't mince words.

"My daughter [4-year-old North West] would be better," she said, adding that she doesn't follow the president on Twitter.

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"We've worked so hard to get to where we were and to have so many things that we were so proud of in our country, to just literally revert backwards is the most frustrating thing," she continued. "Every single day when you can't really believe what's going on, the next day it's something else even more crazy and tragic. It's really scary, the world that we're living in now. And when you did feel safe at home, now with Trump in presidency, you just don't feel safe anymore."

Kardashian West also shared her thoughts on feminism, an issue that has caused her problems in the past.

"I said once before that I'm not really a feminist," she explained. "But I feel I do a lot more than people that claim that they're feminist. To clarify what I said before: I feel in my soul I'm a feminist. I just don't need labels to make me feel or know what I am inside."

She added: "Modern feminists are all the girls around us today. Every time you look on social media and there's someone standing up for themselves, to me that's a modern feminist. There's such an amazing group of girls that empower each other."

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In the accompanying photos, Kardashian West channels singer Cher, who the magazine describes as her "fashion icon." This comes days after she imitated former first lady Jackie Kennedy on the September cover of Interview Magazine, which includes the headline: "America's new first lady Kim Kardashian West and her daughter North West."

The Jackie Kennedy photos sparked outrage on Twitter, with many people criticizing what they saw as an inappropriate comparison.

"When we start comparing Kim Kardashian to Jackie Kennedy we have officially failed as a country," one person wrote on Twitter, according to CNN.

Another tweeted: "Kim Kardashian trying to look like Jackie O is actually appalling. Try again."Others pointed out that Kardashian West appeared to have darker skin in the photos.

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"Anyone else really creeped out that Kim Kardashian is basically in black face for a photo shoot where she is portraying Jackie O?" one user wrote.

Kardashian, whose children are biracial, has been accused of wearing blackface in the past, most recently in a series of advertisements for her KKW Beauty makeup line.

She denied the allegations, explaining that she was "really tan" at the time.

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