New Kimoji Back-To-School Line Sparks Outrage (Photos)

New Kimoji Back-To-School Line Sparks Outrage (Photos) Promo Image

Kim Kardashian West has sparked controversy after launching her Kimoji back-to-school merchandise, which features a "butt mousepad," "post t*t notes" and a "selfie pen" that contains a naked picture of the reality television star.

The announcement came on Sept. 2, Insider reported. Kardashian West shared a link to her back-to-school merchandise on Twitter, sending some social media users and parents into a rage-fueled frenzy.

Part of the outrage appeared to be with the appropriateness of the back-to-school products. The merchandise features a "cryface backpack," "neoprene laptop case," "retro lunch box," "selfie pen," "butt mousepad," "post t*t notes," "butt post it notes," "butt usb," "butt portable charger" and several other products.

The new line also featured a naked picture of Kardashian West. It appears to show the reality television star's sense of humor, as some of the products feature her signature "cryface" and an old photo.

But not everyone found the products to be funny. In fact, several social media users expressed concern over the appropriateness of the merchandise being marketed toward students.

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"This is inappropriate for school/back to school & children...if anything CHILD SERVICES DCFS should get involved," wrote one Twitter user.

"Great, overpriced 'Back To School' merch.. you should be donating this garbage to students who can barely afford to pay for schooling #LEECH," wrote another outraged user.

"Like I really want your a*s plastered all over my kids school supplies," added another.

Still, several users argued that the merchandise is meant for college students, not young children.

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"Everyone need to calm down, it's not that serious. If you don't want the product don't buy it," wrote one user. "I think the product are for college students."

"I'm sorry Susan but I'm fairly sure this merch isn't targeted for ur 13 yr old child, chill the f**k down," wrote another. "The website states that it is 18+."

Other users appeared to like the products, but still showed some concern.

"I low key want to go back to school just to take that lunch box," wrote one user.

"I want but I'll get in massive trouble if I have a big a*s all over my pencil case," added another.

"I'm sure teachers will take you seriously with the T&A Post it notes," quipped another user.

Others were more concerned with shipping.

"Wth how you gonna charge 13.95 for shipping and the only option is 'priority shipping' but it states the item isn't gonna ship until 2 weeks," wrote one user.

Sources: Insider, Kimoji, Kim Kardashian West/Twitter / Featured Image: Century Black/Flickr / Embedded Images: Insider, Kim Kardashian Fan/Twitter

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