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Kim Dotcom, Megaupload Founder, is Anonymous' Latest Victim

The newest target for hacktivist group Anonymous is none other than Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload, who Anonymous has loudly defended in the past.

When US authorities took down Megaupload, a popular file sharing site, in 2012, Anonymous retaliated in defense of Megaupload by flooding the bandwidth of websites such as the Recording Industry Association of America, the Motion Picture Association of America, and the FBI.

In a recent turn of events, Wired reported that Dotcom aided the government by sharing files with them that ultimately took down another popular file sharing site, NinjaVideo. The files Dotcom shared were ultimately used to convict the NinjaVideo founders for pirating videos.

Now, Anonymous has taken to Twitter and its blog urging people to boycott Mega altogether.

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The blog post reads, “In the Wired article, it outlines that in June of 2010, Dotcom agreed to keep secret a warrant by the DHS HSI IPR Center of Carpathia hosting, and was told by HSI that he was not target of the investigation, which he had in fact been a target of since January of 2010. Dotcom 'cooperated' in the 'spirit' of 'being a good corporate citizen', which apparently means ratting small fish out so the the top dog can stay king. Kim Dotcom thinks he can play both pirate and 'good corporate citizen' at the same time, but one cannot be both.

“Kim Dotcom broke the pirate code. He is a snitch, and needs to be exposed to the world as such. Hana Beshara, 'Queen Phara', has been sitting in FPC Bryan in Texas for the past year awaiting release this August because Kim willingly cooperated with this investigation, thinking he would be building a rapport with the IPR fanatics at DHS. Matthew David Howard Smith, aka (Dead1ine), founder of NinjaVideo, will be released from Butner Penitentiary in North Carolina this April."

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This will unlikely help Mega’s attempt to launch another file sharing service in New Zealand, which they attempted on Sunday but it had crashed multiple times. Dotcom has not responded to Anonymous’ attacks, but, knowing Anonymous, it’s unlikely they will back down any time soon. 

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