Kilt-Wearing Gun Advocate Carries Assault Rifle, Questioned By Police (Video)


A pro-gun advocate wearing a kilt and carrying an assault rifle was recently stopped and questioned by a web-savvy Houston police officer who knew he was being filmed.

Open Carry Texas posted a video (below) of the gun advocate being politely questioned by the officer about his identification. The gun advocate repeatedly refused to answer the officer's questions.

The gun advocate was later released, but when the officer asked him if he understood why he had been questioned, the gun advocate talked about how the colonists broke away from Great Britain and how people were innocent until proven guilty.

The officer reminded the man that he was never charged with a crime, and advised him not to believe everything he reads on the Internet about the sovereign citizens movement. identified the gun advocate as Joseph Walker, and noted that he testified at a recent hearing before Texas lawmakers about two pro-gun bills.

The Austin Chronicle reported that the bills, which would allow the concealed carrying of handguns on college campuses and the open carrying of handguns throughout the state, have advanced through a state Senate committee and will be voted on by the state Senate.

Sources: Open Carry Texas,, The Austin Chronicle, Facebook
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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