Girl Tells Police Why She Helped Kill 13-Year-Old


Two Virginia Tech students disturbingly admitted to killing a 13-year-old girl.

David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers were arrested and charged in the death of Nicole Lovell, who was found dead after the two lured her from her home with the promise of a date.

Eisenhauer began talking to Lovell online in December 2015. Their conversations became more personal in January. He reportedly visited her house to meet her, gave her a side hug and then left. 

Eisenhauer and Keepers reportedly met at a fast food restaurant to plan the killing, brainstorming several ways they could murder her that included drugging, knocking her out, making her death appear to be a suicide or making it seem like she died from the cold weather. They also discussed a location to drop off the body. 

“As long as nobody finds the body for a week,” one text from Eisenhauer read, the Roanoke Times reported. 

Keepers told police she became involved in the murder plot because she developed a bond with Eisenhauer.

“She said she was part of a special club," Blacksburg detective Ryan Hite testified in court. "It was the best club in the world because he understood her. She made reference to David Eisenhauer as a ‘sociopath’ and she was his ‘sociopath in training.’”

Once Eisenhauer left the restaurant where the two met to discuss the plan, Keepers said she believed he was going to Lovell’s home to kill her. The next morning, he allegedly sent her a text that read, “it’s done,” WDJB reported. Keepers said she never met Lovell, and that Eisenhauer killed her by slitting her throat. 

Keepers admitted to agreeing to helping Eisenhauer clean up the body because she was used to taking care of her sick family, the Daily Mail reported. They disposed of the body by taking off the teen’s clothes, wiping her body clean and placing the clothes in a Walmart bag. They then pushed her body down in an embankment.

Sources: Daily Mail, WDJB, Roanoke Times / Photo credit: Montgomery County Jail/WTVR via WDJB

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