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Killer's Confession Helps Investigators Solve 27-Year-Old Murder

Police have finally solved the 1988 shooting deaths of an Oregon husband and wife have after a man recently confessed to the murders.

Douglas and Rozina Anderson of Lake Oswego, Oregon, had been camping in their van at a site in Del Norte County, California, when both were shot multiple times at close range, according to the Del Norte Triplicate. A man named John Kelley, 52, confessed to the double murder in November of this year.

Kelley reportedly told investigators that he needed to "clear his conscience," and he currently awaits sentencing for a separate crime involving the rape and murder of a 17-year-old California girl in 1986.

At a press conference Dec. 3, Bill Steven, the Public Information Officer for Del Norte Country Sheriff's Office, said that Kelley was "in a mood" when he committed the murders. Stevens also said that Kelley had never been a suspect in the original 1988 investigation given that no items had been stolen from the Andersons' camper, nor was he known to have any relationship with the victims.

According to Del Norte District Attorney Dale Trigg, Kelley said that he was just "blowing off steam" when asked about his motive, Fox 12 Oregon notes.

“This guy just kills people for the fun of it when he’s upset, so that was a little hard to take,” Rozina's brother, Greg Roussett, said, according to Fox 12. 

“The rape thing is new, and that makes it even worse," he added.

The rape and murder of the teen is believed to be unrelated to the couple's murder.

Greg's wife, Diana Roussett, said that the confession brings some sense of closure if nothing else.  

“For me, [the confession] really finalizes it,” Diane said.  “It doesn’t bring them back but it does finalize it. There’s not the question now anymore in your head of what happened and why.”

Kelley has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder with special circumstance allegations of multiple murder victims and murder involving rape. In exchange for his full confession, he will not face the death penalty.

Kelley is currently in San Mateo County jail without bail, and officials expect that he will face life in prison on Dec. 11 without the possibility for parole due to his role in the 1986 rape and murder.

The hearing regarding the Andersons' murders is expected to occur later. The Andersons' family members will have the chance to see Kelley in court and make victim impact statements, according to Fox 12.

Sources: The Del Norte Triplicate, Fox 12 Oregon

Photo Credit: Dawn Roussett via The Del Norte Triplicate, Del Norte County's DA Office via Fox 12 Oregon

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