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Killer Whales Brutally Attack Shark (Video)

Underwater photographer Caroline Power and marine biologist Nicholas Bach recently captured rare footage of three killer whales attacking a tiger shark off the coast of Costa Rica.

In their video (below), the pod of orcas take several bites out of the tiger shark's fins and turn the 7-foot shark on its back, causing it to become paralyzed, noted

The killer whales then takes turns eating the tiger shark.

"I believe this is the first time orcas hunting tiger sharks has been documented, we were all fairly awestruck," Power told the Daily Mail.

Power and Bach were on a "Dive Live-aboard Undersea Hunter" boat when the whales appeared.

"Due to the Cocos Island National Park regulations we were not allowed to get into the water with the orcas." stated Power. "Unable to get into the water, I did the next best thing and put my mask on and stuck my head into the water. What looked somewhat peaceful on the surface looked anything but from underwater."

"You could see the shark was exhausted and injured," said Power. "It was desperately dodging attack after attack from the orcas but was tiring and they were not. The shark made one last attempt to use the boat as shelter and as it swam straight at me I could almost see the desperation in its black eyes." reported last year that a study found 100 million sharks are killed each year by human fishermen, which has almost caused some shark species to go extinct.

"Our analysis shows that about one in 15 sharks gets killed by fisheries every year," stated Boris Worm, of Canada's Dalhousie University. "With an increasing demand for their fins, sharks are more vulnerable today than ever before."

There is a myth in Southeast Asia that shark fins have some sort of magical power that can heal humans and provide a longer life.

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