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Killer Tornadoes Hit North Texas (Video)

Six people are dead and up to 100 are injured after several tornadoes hit various areas across North Texas today, according to USA Today.

The Red Cross said the areas hit the hardest were Hood County, Johnson, Parker, Wise and Montague, Texas.

Hood County Judge Darrell Cockerham said numerous homes were demolished with people inside, after the tornadoes hit at around 8 p.m. CST.

"There were probably 75 homes in that subdivision that are totally destroyed," Hood County Sheriff Roger Deed told USA Today. "We haven't had a bad one like this for a while. It's definitely a nightmare."

Tornadoes also hit Cleburne and Granbury, Texas, outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

"We're going house to house right now," Lt. Kathy Jividen told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth from Granbury. "There are a lot more injuries, we just don't have any count yet. They have gone to several different hospitals."

Another tornado hit Millsap, Texas, 40 miles west of Fort Worth, but no injuries were reported.

Hail as large as grapefruit hit Mineral Wells, Texas on Wednesday evening. However, a police dispatcher reported only minor damage.

Sources: WFAA-TV, USA Today, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth


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