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Killer Rancher Feeds Her Handymen To Pigs, Offers Bizarre Excuse For Why She Did It

An Oregon woman on trial for the murder of two men admitted to feeding their bodies to her pigs, a jury heard on April 14.

Susan Monica, a 66-year-old pig farmer and welder from southern Oregon, is charged with killing two handymen, reports Oregon Live. 

The handymen lived on Monica’s 20-acre pig ranch in a small Jackson County community.

Both victims were reportedly shot in the head and dismembered on separate occasions more than one year apart. In an opening statement, defense lawyer Garren Pedemonte said Monica shot the first victim, Stephen Frank Delicino, in self-defense and the second, Robert Harry Haney, out of mercy.

According to Monica, Haney was already being eaten alive by her pigs when she found him and put him out of his misery by shooting him.

Police searched Monica’s ranch last year after she was caught using a food stamp card that belonged to Haney, reports Daily Mail. During their search, they found the remains of both men.

Sources: Daily MailOregon Live

Photo Credit: AP Via Oregon Live


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