Killer Clown Attacks In Creepy Prank Video (Video)

In a new video produced by prank channel DM Pranks, an evil killer clown makes his way around the city “murdering” people in front of bystanders.

The video begins with two men walking into a parking garage, where they see a body lying on the ground and a clown with a mallet standing in the corner. The clown swings his mallet onto the “man’s” head and sends fake blood flying everywhere.

The men scream and run through the parking garage as the clown chases them laughing maniacally.

In one scene, the clown douses a man’s car with “gasoline,” likely water, at a gas station. The car owner suddenly retrieves a sheathed knife from his car in an unexpected move.

DM Pranks has previously posted Flame Thrower Prank and Zombie Kill Prank, both of which can be seen on YouTube.

Sources: Daily Dot, Fan Sided


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