"Killer Bear" Owner Sam Mazzola Dies During Sex Play


An Ohio man who made headlines last year when his bear mauled a man to death is dead himself, accidentally killed during a rough S&M session.

The Daily Mail reports that 49-year-old Sam Mazzola was found chained to his bed with a sex toy stuffed in his mouth over the weekend. The initial autopsy report said Mazzola suffocated on the toy, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Lorain County chief deputy coroner Dr. Frank Miller said it appeared Mazzola died "from an accident during sexual role play." Miller said Mazzola was willingly tied up. That person left before the body was found.

"He had done this by request according to the story we were given," Miller said. "There was an assistant, but that is under investigation."

Mazzola owned several exotic animals at his home outside Cleveland. Last year one of his bears killed a caretaker, 24-year-old Brent Kandra.

Animal activists tried to persuade prosecutors to charge Mazzola with reckless homicide. They had long targeted Mazzola, accusing him of animal cruelty for staging shows in which people could get into the cage and wrestle a bear.


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