Kill a Pit Bull Day on October 31: Real or Hoax?

Pit Bull advocates, animal lovers, animal control and humane directors are voicing concerns that the proclamation of Halloween as “National Kill a Pitbull Day” may inspire someone to actually harm a dog.

This ugly message encouraging killing pit bulls on Halloween was first sent out as a random text, according to WEDF.com on September 20. Since then it has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter and is causing alarm all over the country.

---- “I’m here by announcing October 31 National kill

a pitbull day. After you take the kids trick or

treating keep your costume on round up some

friends and kill as many pitbulls as you can

before midnight. Baseball bats,knives,bricks and

poisons (a hotdog soaked in radiator fluid works

well) are all suitable tools. Their owners like brag

about there high threshold for pain. So don't

worry them suffering they can take it. So

remember to spread the word!


NIGHT" ----

Someone posted it on Snopes to warn dog owners that their Pit Bulls could be the targets of either a hoax or hate crime on October 31.“This is showing up all over Facebook, especially among dog lovers and is creating quite a panic. I have no idea if it is a hoax or if it is legitimate…,” the commenter writes.

"Even if this is a joke, it's not funny," said Alison Smith, director of the Walker County Animal Shelter in Georgia. "I just felt like the community needed to know this," Smith toldtimesfreepress.com, “…pit bull owners should know, in case they want to keep their dogs inside on Halloween night.”

It may be a vicious hoax in more than one way. The name “Terry Jordan” is posted at the top and it appears to be a possible retaliation against a councilman in Slater, Missouri, who helped write a city ordinance in 2011 to control any vicious dog and require owner responsibility for dogs of all breeds.

The councilman was horrified, according to theMarshall Democrat-News, "We don't know who posted it, and I don't know how to stop it," Jordan told the newspaper. He emphasized that he has never suggested violence against pit bulls. Angry phone calls have flooded his business, the Slater Police Department and Slater City Hall, the paper reported.

Regardless of the sick reason ‘National Kill a Pitbull Day’ was posted, it is dangerous. If it is a hoax, it is unconscionably irresponsible.

The only good thing that can come from this is a reminder to owners of pit bulls, black cats, or any pet, that on Halloween animals are especially vulnerable and can become victims of pranksters or others with evil intent.

Also, pets often become fearful, agitated or feel threatened by strangers in costumes, weird lighting and the strange sounds of “trick-or-treaters,” so it is an especially good night to give them a familiar toy or blanket and a warm, secured place indoors.

Hoax or hate--don’t risk the safety of your dog (or any other pet) on ‘National Kill a Pitbull Day’!








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