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Popular 'Breaking Bad' Candy Gets Two Kids Suspended From School

A couple of Albuquerque, New Mexico, elementary school kids from Reginald Chavez Elementary School were suspended after bringing candy into school, but the fact that they were in possession of candy wasn’t the issue. The candy was meant to look like the fictional blue meth from the popular television show “Breaking Bad," and the school apparently had a problem with that.

10-year-old Gabriel Valdez and nine-year-old Christian Valdez brought the candy into school and were immediately suspended for two and a half days because school officials accused them of bringing in drugs. Gabriel says the candy is his favorite and he doesn’t even know much about “Breaking Bad.” His only intent with bringing it to school, he says, was to share it with his friends.

“[This was] blown way out of proportion,” said the boys’ mother Virginia Valdez to KOAT. “If candy is brought in the classroom, it can be a distraction. But this was actually going on out on the playground.”

A spokesperson for the Albuquerque school district says that the suspension as for disrupting the educational process and for inappropriate behavior. Reports say that a number of other students were also suspended for eating the candy.

Now, Virginia has taken her sons out of the school, and she believes that officials went too far.

“It’s not really drugs -- it’s candy,” said Virginia. “It’s unfair.”

The candy first started becoming popular in Albuquerque, where the show was set, last year before its final season.

Sources: KOAT, NY Post


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