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Kids Sent Home From First Day Of School For Being Unable To Afford Uniforms (Video)

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Two brothers at a charter school in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, were sent home on their first day because their mother was unable to afford the proper uniforms. 

Regan Narine, a third grader at Athios Leadership Academy, said he couldn’t have been more thrilled to be starting school on Tuesday.

“I was excited to meet my teacher, get new friends but instead I was sent home,” he told Fox 9 News (video below).

He and his brother, Raysahwn, were taken out of class because their shirts didn’t include the school’s logo. The school is a public charter school, but it reportedly enforces a strict dress code.

“I thought we were in trouble but it was actually our uniform,” he said. 

The children were put into a room away from other students after staff noticed that their outfits didn’t comply with the dress code — despite the fact that they’d been allowed to wear the same outfit last year at the same school. The school said it enforces the policy in the name of safety, but Niome Narine, Regan and Raysahwn's mother, said the uniforms were just simply too expensive for her to buy for her two sons and fourth grade daughter.

The daughter, Revecca, reportedly had a late start to school that day due to a doctor's appointment. When she did get to school, however, she also forced to go home.

“It's hard to spend $35 on a sweatshirt then you have to get other clothes,” Niome told Fox 9 News.

Niome said that when she went to pick up her children from the school, staff members weren’t very understanding or helpful.

“They didn't even offer me anything, they just said, ‘Okay we're going to get the backpack ready, we're going to get the school supplies ready,'” she said.

She added that all she wants is for the school to “lower the price” and “work with” her family to ensure that they get the right uniforms.

With the school unwilling to do so, Niome is now looking for another option for her children.

“I don't know what tomorrow's going to be for them,” she said. “They don't have a school to go to now.”

Sources: Fox 9, YouTube

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