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Mom: We Found A Dead Rodent At Chuck E. Cheese's (Photo)

Mom: We Found A Dead Rodent At Chuck E. Cheese's (Photo) Promo Image

A California mother says her children found a dead rodent while playing at Chuck E. Cheese's in Stockton on Aug. 20.

Shay Aguilar says she spent more than $700 to celebrate her 2-year-old daughter's birthday, reports WSFA.

She was already unhappy with the allegedly unprofessional staff. She said the hostess was late and their food order was incorrect.

But things went from bad to worse after the mother, the birthday girl and the woman's 11-year-old son allegedly found a dead mouse or rat in the restaurant's play area.

The manager quickly denied the item was a dead rat, saying it was a wadded-up piece of parchment paper (photo below).

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"My son goes, 'Mom, I know what napkins look like, and napkins do not have ears, tails, and feet,'" Aguilar said.

Afterwards, Aguilar sent letters to the Chuck E. Cheese franchise owners, who refunded the mother and apologized.

Although she is pleased they said sorry, Aguilar no longer trusts the chain.

"I'm just not interested in experiencing that again," she said. "I'm done with Chuck E. Cheese's, for that matter."

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The San Joaquin Environmental Health Department plans to investigate the situation further.

Already that same restaurant was in hot water for its alleged unsanitary bathrooms. Authorities will also check the restaurant's bathrooms this time.

Many were horrified when they heard what the mother said she found.

Some urged the mother to pursue legal action.

"They gave you your money back in fear that you wouldn't peruse the matter," wrote one person on FOX 40 journalist's Key Recede's Facebook post about the mouse. "Continue the investigation and hire a lawyer. If you don't then you allow your community to eat in filth."

Others shared their own horror stories about the Stockton Chuck E. Cheese's.

"The last time we were at that establishment I made my kids leave their cousins birthday party because the place was so filthy, unprofessional, and down right disgusting," claimed one commenter. "It took the staff over an hour to clean throw up off the ski ball after I notified them. And that was just the tip of the ice berg."

"That place needs shutdown its a dump and nothing works staffs rude always fights and shootings there refuse to take my [son] there anymore," commented a third.

"Bathrooms are really messy... They smell really bad," one local wrote. "That times I have gone bathrooms are not cleaned every 30 mins.. I go and spend about 2 hrs. There and my child uses the restroom every 20 min so I would see a difference in that time frame.. But no.. They filthy.."

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