Kids Film Abusive Owner Terrorizing Dog, Help Her Find A New Home (Video)

Two kids in Chino Hills, Calif., filmed their neighbor abusing his cocker spaniel and showed it to the local Humane Society.

A 12-year-old and a 17-year-old filmed their neighbor Qihui Zhai relentlessly hitting and poking his dog Mookie with a stick for ten minutes as the dog whimpered and tried to flee.

“I'm sorry doggie,” one boy says during the video.

“I bet you he beats it every day,” he added. “And even if it did something really bad, like bite him, he’s been doing this for the past seven minutes that I've been here.”

Their mother, who was not identified, called the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA.

Humane Officer William Taber was dispatched to Zhai’s address where he found the 3-year-old dog living in a tiny wire cage and covered in feces.

Zhai was charged with animal cruelty. Mookie was seized and re-housed.

"We are never surprised by the ingenuity of today's youth, their quick-thinking not only saved this dog from a lifetime of abuse, but they were able to ensure we had the evidence to pursue criminal charges against the owner," Humane Society spokeswoman Beth Les told CBS Los Angeles.

Sources: New York Daily NewsCBS Los Angeles


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