Kids Choose Plastic Toys Over Nature (Video)

A new holiday ad by Toys R Us features a group of children who are told they are taking a nature field trip put on by the fictional "Meet the Trees Foundation."

While on the bus, the children are told by their guide: "Well, we're not going to waste anytime, let's play name that leaf! What's this one?"

A few of the kids shout out different leaf names, but most of them appear to be bored and dreading their trip to a forest (video below).

The guide later announces, "I'm a big fan of trees, but we're not going to the forest today, we're going to Toys R Us guys!"

Suddenly, the kids come alive and scream with delight.

"You get to choose any toy you want!" says the guide and the kids go ballistic.

When the bus pulls up outside a Toys R Us, the guide says, "Welcome to the world's greatest toy store!"

The kids run off the bus and into the store to choose their free toy.

The commercial unintentionally sends the message that the kids prefer plastic toys over nature, says Salon.com.

The only silver lining may be a study earlier this year in which young children were observed in a room with certain types of animals and toys.

According to CompanionAnimalPsychology.com, those kids chose to spend more time with fish, hamsters, tarantulas, green geckos and a California Mountain King snake than with toys such as dolls, an airplane, fire trucks, building blocks and rattles.

Sources: Salon.com and CompanionAnimalPsychology.com


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