Student Catches School Security Guard Stealing (Video)


An Illinois high school security guard is being investigated for allegedly stealing from students after he was caught on camera rummaging through a locker (video below).

After a series of thefts occurred at Evanston Township High School, some students decided to leave their cell phone cameras on in their school lockers to see if they could catch the thief in the act, WLS reports.

One student thinks he did, and footage of the alleged theft was shared to YouTube on April 28.

In the video, a black male adult is seen rummaging through a student's locker.

The man appears to remove items from the locker and inspect them closely. It is unclear, given the angle of the video, whether he takes anything.

According to the YouTube video’s summary, the school asked for the video to not be shared.

"But we do not care, the information must be released,” the summary continues.

Student Richard Bahmandeji claims the man in the video is a school safety officer, WLS reports. He decided to plant his iPhone in his locker after money was stolen from it the week before.

"I just thought it was some kids who had my lock combination," Bahmandeji said. "I got a new lock and it was still happening."

Two different security officers were reportedly caught on video “snooping” in students' lockers.

The school has opened an investigation regarding the thefts.

"The school was pretty supportive," Bahmandeji said. "They were glad I got the evidence that I did. They wanted to fix the issue."

Sources: WLS, bob fathead/YouTube / Photo credit: bob fathead/YouTube

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