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Charmin Gives 6,000 Rolls Of Toilet Paper To School (Photos)

Charmin Gives 6,000 Rolls Of Toilet Paper To School (Photos) Promo Image

After students at a California elementary school asked for better toilet paper for the school, toilet paper manufacturer Charmin delivered in a big way.

According to KSBW, students at El Gabilan Elementary School in Salinas, California, were challenged to make a positive change at their school.

After doing some brainstorming, students decided the school needed better toilet paper as the generic, inexpensive type the school used was too rough.

Students shared a video on Twitter asking Charmin, the toilet paper manufacturer known for its advertisements featuring cartoon bears, for help.

"I have some breaking news, we have some bad toilet paper," one of the students said in the video.

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"It just rips into little bits," another student added. "You have to keep pulling and pulling it."

The next morning, Charmin responded to the video. Students were shocked by the response.

Within days, a delivery truck arrived at the school with a special delivery: 6,000 rolls of toilet paper.

"It was shocking," said 4th-grader Diego Nuno. "I never knew it would happen."

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Fourth-grade teacher Ariel Cariaga said she felt proud of her students and was glad that they learned that they are capable of making a difference.

"That's what we wanted them to really learn," she said. "That their voices can be heard at the age of 9 and 10."

This is not the first time Charmin has donated its toilet paper for a good cause.

According to parent company Procter & Gamble, in 2014, Charmin donated nearly 50,000 rolls of toilet paper to firehouses across the country. Each firehouse the company donated to received 960 rolls, which is a year's supply of toilet paper for about 20 firefighters.

"We heard stories of firehouses across the country that could use a little help due to insufficient funds or other constraints," said Charmin Regional Brand Director Scott Mautz. "We want to help the brave men and women who put their behinds on the line day in and day out for others -- America’s firefighters. Charmin is committed to giving people a more enjoyable bathroom experience -- no matter where they are."

"My firehouse is my home away from home and where my extended family lives in good times and bad," said firefighter Chris Smith from Rhode Island. "It is awesome to know that Charmin cares enough not only to think about us, but also to try and make us more comfortable. In really hard times, our firehouse serves to keep our tax payer family safe too, especially when they have lost their first home. Helping us helps them when they need it most."

Sources: KSBWProcter & Gamble / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: SalinasCitySD/Instagram

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