Kids Angered After Bus Driver's April Fool's Prank (Video)

One of the toughest jobs has got to be working as a school bus driver, ferrying a ton of raucous, mostly unsupervised kids to school and back every day of the week.

Well, one school bus driver decided to play an April Fool’s Day prank on his busload -- and fortunately for us it was captured on video.

In the video, the driver apparently stops the bus to tell the kids that there had been problem with the main water line at school over the weekend, so he’ll have to drop them off to check in, but everyone will be able to get driven home after that.

Kids will be kids, so most responded with ear splitting screams and cheers at the fake news. A few minutes later, however, a few of the kids become suspicious, and the driver stands up again, asking, “What day is it?”

“April Fools!” some of the kids shout, audibly upset at their revelation.

“I got all of you!” the driver yells back, laughing at his well-pulled off prank. He continues laughing as yet another wave of ear-splitting screams fill the bus, only angry this time (their happy screams oddly echo the pitch of their angry screams).

One girl cries out, “I hate you!” as the driver chuckles on, still extremely pleased with his prank.

Other kids yell out to the driver, “I'll cut you with a knife!" and "I'm going to punch you in the nuts!" 

The bus driver, oddly enough, has been criticized on comment boards across the internet for being too mean with his harmless joke, but compared to the kids’ reactions, the prank was quite mild. And compared to the chaos this driver must face every day, it’s fair to give him April Fool’s as his one day of sweet, satisfying retaliation. 

Sources: International Digital Times, Gawker


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