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Woman Held Hostage By Husband Asks Clerk For Help

Police discovered a disturbing situation when a woman passed a note to a gas station clerk.

Janet Wilson was working at a Thornton's gas station in Louisville, Kentucky, when a couple came into the store. When the woman walked to the register to check out, she slipped a note to the Wilson asking for her help.

Wilson quickly called the police, who arrived shortly after. Authorities found the victim visibly shaken and "obviously upset" outside of a GMC SUV. Her husband was in the passenger seat.

The victim's husband, 37-year-old Eric Kerney, was handcuffed and arrested at the scene without incident.

According to WDRB,

Kerney was angry and began driving erratically, WDRB reports. His wife asked him to stop driving and let her out of the car "hundreds of times." He refused to let her go and reportedly threatened her with a knife. When he set the knife on the dashboard, the victim grabbed it and threw it to the back of the vehicle.

The victim reportedly went into the bathroom when they stopped at Thornton's and wrote the note asking for help, which she handed to Wilson while paying for her items.

"I'm just glad I could help in any way, shape or fashion," Wilson told WTOC, adding that she is glad the situation ended peacefully.

Kerney has been charged with fourth degree assault, unlawful imprisonment, and terroristic threatening. He is currently being held in jail on $5,000 bond, according to WBRB.

Sources: WTOCWDRB / Photo Credit: Louisville Metro Corrections via WDRB

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