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Reportedly Kidnapped At Gunpoint, Woman Sent 'Help Me' Text Before Escaping

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A woman says she was kidnapped at gunpoint as she was leaving her house early on Aug. 4. Before her phone was taken away by the captors, she reportedly texted her husband, “help me,” in desperation.

Marlina Rodriguez, 32, was about to leave for work when two men allegedly approached her from behind and one of them put a gun to her head. They forced her to get behind the wheel of her red minivan and drive them to a secluded place, reports 19 Action News.

According to, Rodriguez was able to text her husband a plea for help just before she was told to drive around for an hour.

The victim’s husband called her workplace, confirming that she hadn’t made it to work. Her office then notified the police, who searched for the men with K-9 officers and a helicopter. Although police are still trying to find the suspects, Rodriguez was reportedly able to jump out of the car and run away.

According to her husband, she figured “if they’re going to do whatever, they’re going to do it while I’m running.” Rodriguez took the opportunity to escape at a stop sign. She backed into a field and called out for help, reports

Rodriguez is shaken up but now safely reunited with her husband, Benny Rodriguez, and mother Pam Sidelka. Sidelka says her daughter is traumatized but should recover soon.

“Hopefully more will become clear when she’s not so nervous and upset,” she told Fox 8.

Rodriguez’s alleged attackers remain on the loose. After the escape, they apparently chose to ditch the car as well and run away. Cleveland police are continuing the manhunt for the two suspects and said the entire situation is still under investigation.

Sources: 19 Action, Fox 8  Image credit: Screenshot via


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