Girl Returned To The U.S. After Being Abducted, Taken To Mexico 12 Years Ago


An Austin, Texas, girl kidnapped 12 years ago has been rescued.

Sabrina Allen was kidnapped from her father Greg Allen by his estranged wife Dara Llorens in 2002 when she was 4 years old.

Llorens has been on the run with Sabrina ever since, changing the girl’s hair color to hinder efforts to find them.

Allen had not given up hope of finding his daughter over the past 12 years, and in a secret rescue mission with the help of a Beaumont based rescue team, the FBI, US Marshals and Mexican Authorities, Sabrina has been found, reports FOX 7.

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(Sabrina at age 5, via Fox 19)

Sabrina was in a town located South East of Mexico City with Llorens.

A website was created by Allen to help in the search for his daughter, Find Sabrina.

Today the homepage reads, “Late on September 30, 2014, Sabrina and Dara were returned to Texas.  Details will follow.”

Dara and Sabrina were brought back to the United States on a commercial flight. Llorens is currently in custody.

Sabrina is currently being held in an undisclosed location and is receiving medical and emotional care to help her adjust to the events that have happened.

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(Computer generated image of Sabrina at age 17, via Fox 19)

In an interview last March, Allen said he would not give up on finding Sabrina.

“I want to find her,” Allen said. “I want to see her again. She needs to know she has a family that loves her. I can’t just give up on her.”

The New York Daily News likens Llorens to a shrewd manipulator, and Allen believes the kidnapping was planned.

"Dara is a smart, calculating person," Allen said. "It seemed to me, thinking about it now, that she'd spent some time planning all of this."

Allen and Sabrina have not yet been reunited, and it is unclear when that will take place.

Sources: Fox 7, New York Daily News

Photo Source: New York Daily News, Fox 7 Screenshot


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