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Kidnapped 14-Year-Old Ayvani Perez Found Alive And 'In Good Health'

A 14-year-old girl in Georgia was found safe today after being abducted by two armed kidnappers Tuesday during a home invasion, according to Clayton County Police Chief Gregory Porter.

The two suspected kidnappers have been arrested after reportedly demanding $10,000 in ransom for the girl’s return.

Ayvani Hope Perez was found in Conyers, Ga. She was taken from her Ellenwood home Tuesday at 2:15 a.m. The home invaders entered the Perez house and demanded money and jewelry from Perez’s mother. When they weren’t satisfied they shot the family dog and took the youngest child, Ayvani.

Porter said law enforcement “worked tireless hours to make sure this young lady was safe.”

Local, state, and federal agents worked together to recover Perez, CNN reported.

“We had over 150 people involved” looking for her, he said. He attributed her recovery to “hardcore law enforcement, boots to the ground.”

“She’s in good health,” Porter said. “She’s being evaluated.”

Law enforcement said yesterday that they did not believe there was any connection between the kidnappers and the Perez family. Porter would not confirm this today and referred questions about the relationship between Perez’s mother and the suspects to the FBI. Porter could not confirm whether the family was targeted or if the crime was random.

The family had only just moved to the neighborhood.

"I'm more worried and angry about the fact that they chose her family out of any other family because they just bought a house. They have no money and they didn't really have anything to begin with," Ayden Collazo told ABC.

Sources: ABC News, WPTV


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