Kidnapped Victim Escapes From Trunk Of Car (Video)

Kidnapped Victim Escapes From Trunk Of Car (Video) Promo Image

Surveillance video footage (below) at an Alabama gas station shows a kidnapping victim escape from the trunk of a car.

The victim, who remains unnamed, said that a man broke into her home Oct. 30 at around 2:30 a.m. while she was sleeping, according to the Daily Mail. He began strangling her and demanded money before tying her hands and putting her in the back of his car.

He drove around the rural countryside, threatening to stab her multiple times. He then pulled over and forced her into the trunk.

The man eventually drove to a gas station, parked at a pump, and entered the convenience store. That's when the victim was able to make her escape. Video footage shows her breaking out of the trunk and sprinting into the convenience store to ask the clerk for help. Her captor, upon realizing she escaped, is then seen running back to his car. He closes the open trunk and quickly drives away. 

The case received nationwide attention over the released surveillance footage, prompting a manhunt.

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Police eventually identified the kidnapper as Timothy Jabbar Wyatt, 36, according to a Facebook post from the Chilton County Sheriff's Department. Deputies performing extra patrol duties found him sleeping in an old trade school building.

"This is what it’s all about, bringing fugitives like this to justice," said Chilton County Sheriff John Shearon. "I am beyond proud of our team!"

Wyatt was arrested without incident and taken into custody on a second-degree marijuana possession charge, according to WSFA. He will eventually be transferred to jail to face additional charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree kidnapping, and second-degree domestic violence.

"We are very relieved to have this dangerous man off the streets," Autauga County Sheriff Joe Sedinger told the Montgomery Advertiser. "He was extremely dangerous. And we would like to thank the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office, and all other agencies, who assisted in the search and capture of Wyatt."

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Wyatt's relationship to the victim remains unknown. While he was still on the run from police, he allegedly sent a text to the victim that said he wants to see her and her children one more time before he dies.

The marijuana charge is only a misdemeanor and will likely be handled in municipal court.

Court records show that he was previously arrested in April on charges of attempted murder, sodomy, and third-degree robbery.

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