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'I Found It Strange': Jeopardy's New Category Stumps Kids (Video)

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During a recent “Kids Week” on "Jeopardy," the program featured a category one contestant had difficulty answering: “Non-Common Core Math.”

Under the category, one of the questions asked the young contestants to come up with the correct answer to a basic math question.

Although Tyler, the game’s eventual winner, answered the easiest question from the category correctly, he struggled to answer the second two questions and eventually left the category altogether.

“I found it strange,” Kyle Olson, co-author of the book “Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education,” told TheBlaze. “But I think it reveals the impact Common Core is having.”

Top Right News argued that Common Core has prevented students from learning math the “rational” way and America now has children who can’t perform basic arithmetic. 

Sony, the show's producer, has not yet responded to questions as to why the category was included.

Sources: Top Right News, The Blaze


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